NYTI hosted its first ALUMNI WEEKEND Oct 5-8, 2012.

Alums from our first three years gathered for a mini festival and intensive work session on continuing work. Our ALUM WEEKENDS feature an opportunity to put new work on its feet and receive a detailed response from professional playwrights and actors. This year we were delighted to welcome ARTHUR GIRON, CASSANDRA MEDLEY, and ABIGAIL GAMPEL as our respondents, all long time Ensemble Studio Theatre members. And professional actors KATHARINE COYNE, BEN LAMBERT and RENATA HINRICHS into our acting company and JAMIE RICHARDS as our guest director.

We gathered on Friday night for dinner and our first read thru of Marc Assad's CIDER FOR GOATS directed by JAMIE RICHARDS. Saturday and Sunday rehearsals all day with Producing Director ROD MENZIES focused on the work of Aaron Gervitch (LA), Becca Savoy(Boston), Cassidy Slaughter Mason(Chicago),Mattie Rydalch(Moscow Idaho), Sara Uhlig(Savannah Georgia) and Alex Marshall(Suffolks , MA). Public presentations Saturday and Sunday nights, a wrap up response session with bagel, frittata and brilliance on Monday morning and that was it.

Except for a bonus ticket to Dick Halligan's ( BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS) new solo show directed by Rod Menzies at the Drom!

Join us for our NEXT ALUM WEEKEND. PRESIDENTS DAY 2013. Be in touch for details.